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Blow out a candle

The campaign "Blow out a candle" is the way the Institut Guttmann wants to celebrate with you its 50 years.

The Institut Guttmann is a specialist neurorehabilitation hospital. Its main objective is to promote, encourage and ensure full rehabilitation of people affected by spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury or other neurological disabilities, to develop research and teaching in the field of neuroscience, and to give them support and more convenient services to achieve a satisfactory social reintegration. The Institut Guttmann contributes to the full recognition of their rights and effective equalising of opportunities of people with neurological disabilities.

Founded in 1965 by Mr. Guillermo González Gilbey, carrying a quadriplegic, who after being treated in England by the German neurosurgeon Sir Dr. Ludwig Guttmann, wanted to create a center like that of Stoke Mandeville in Barcelona. Know the whole history here.

This year 2015 we want to celebrate our 50 years and in a very special way. As in every birthday, we blow out the candles ... and we want you to blow too! Will you join us?

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Our team of professionals, also with patients and relatives, shot a fun video with a special version of a song of the Catalan rock-folk group Blaumut. Blaumut also dances with us in this video full of surprises, which if you have not seen yet, you can see it by clicking here. After that, take a candle and a lighter and help us blowing out the candles!

This time, AXA Foundation collaborates with Institut Guttmann supporting this campaign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. For each video or photo we receive in social networks blowing out a candle, AXA Foundation will make a donation for our projects in order to help to begin new lives.

AXA, first insurer worldwide, present in 59 countries, was the first Friendly Company of Institut Guttmann. Since 1995, AXA, through its Foundation, committed to the protection, prevention and culture, helps us to achieve our original objectives and make viable our most iconic and innovative projects, while advancing the development of the teachers, scientists and assistance programs to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Find out more about the Initiative Friends of Institut Guttmann.coneix l

Join us and share your video or photo on the social networks . And invite everyone to participate!. We must all be there!

Here's how it works.